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Our Friends At the City Of Laguna Beach
The City of Laguna Beach enforces these rules:
 All wedding sites must be accessible to the public at all times. No blocking of pathways or portions of the wedding site is allowed.
• All parking restrictions must be obeyed. No red zone parking, blocking of driveways or double parking is allowed.
• Maximum capacity, including wedding party and all guests at the Gazebo and Monument Point in Heisler Park is fifty (50) persons. Maximum capacity for other locations is ninety-five (95) persons.
• No smoking on beaches or park.
• No tables, chairs, archways or structures of any kind may be set up.
• No blocking of pathways or stairways or roping/taping off of any area is permitted.
• No sound amplification is permitted.
• No animal drawn vehicles are permitted.
• Please be quiet and considerate when entering/leaving park or beach.
• Decorations are allowed (excluding loose flower petals) but must be removed by end of permit time. Use only string or ribbon to hang decorations.
• No nails, staples or tape can be used. Decorations cannot be wrapped around any trees.
• No rice, birdseed, confetti and/or flower petals (real or artificial) are permitted to be thrown or strewn.
• No alcoholic beverages, including champagne toasts, are permitted.

Our friends at the City of Dana Point

Our friends at Huntington City Beach

Our friends at Huntington State Beach

Our friends in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Our friends at Sunset Cliffs, San Diego
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